Friday, January 15, 2010

Preschool Week 20 Snow

C is 45 months old

C got to spend a lot of time this week with one of his favorite people, Papaw. They had lots of fun together. C even got papaw to become a superhero with him and become Super Papaw.

C finally had his first trip to the dentist. We have been battling insurance companies and such for awhile but we finally broke down and just took him to our family dentist (who takes our insurance) instead of a pediatric one. He did wonderful!! He was so good the entire time!! I was so proud of him and his teeth were great!!--NO cavities-- YEAH!!

This week we did our Daily Devotions using the book One year Devotions for Preschoolers. C loves doing these and he looks forward to doing them every morning.
Our Bible verse for this week were "Wash me and I will be Whiter than snow" Psalm 51:7.

We painted snowmen this week. C did a great job making circles for snowman and then painting them in and adding features to him. We tried to make him sparkly with salt but it really did not work.

We used construction paper and painters tape and white glue to make snowflakes. We put a snowflake shape down on the paper with the painters tape and then C painted the whole paper white. When we took the tape off we had a snowflake. I think if we do this again I will use cardstock. The construction paper ripped a little when we took the tape off but they still look great!

We squeezed glue on a cookie sheet and then added features using wiggle eyes and pipe cleaners to make melted snowmen. They turned out so cute. We left them on the cookie sheet for a couple of days and then pealed them off. They look great. I think I am going to punch a hole in them and add string to hand them in the boys rooms.

We made a couple of snowman snacks this week. One was with marshmallows on a stick.

Our other snowman snack this week was with bananas and peanut butter and mini M&M's and pretzel sticks. Both snacks were yummy and the boys enjoyed making them and eating them!!

C is car crazy with cars from the Cars movie. He has a ton of them. He got this new one that changes colors when it goes from cold to warm water. He was just amazed with this and he spent at least 45 minutes putting the car in cold and warm water to watch it change.

We made chocolate chip snowmen muffins and C helped me. I only got this one picture of him stirring but the muffins turned out sooooo yummy!

We played this Polar Bear A B C game that he got for Christmas. It is a great game for him right now because he is so into making words and he is so curious about words and he wants to read so bad. In this game you fish for letters in the ice pond to make words. The word we are making in this game is lion. His little brother even plays with us and it is so good for them to learn to wait their turn.

C played a Cars tire stacking game which was great for fine motor skills and we played several games of Candy Land this week.

He worked on the computer doing He enjoyed the one where you make a snowman.

C practiced making snowmen and the letter S on the aqua doodle.

We did not get to everything that I wanted to this week but we will be working on this same snow theme again next week.


  1. This is a pretty full week. I saw melted snowmen from glue on The Adventures of Bear and thought that it's such a cute project. We might try it at some point later this winter.