Friday, September 23, 2011

Finally--A routine

With C. now in kindergarten and B only going to preschool 3 days a week B and I have finally gotten into a routine.  We just finished our first week of preschool at home.  We are using the Raising Rock Stars curriculum from here.
This week we worked on the letter Ll and the sight word see.  The curriculum works on the number one for this week but B. knows all his numbers to 10 and he can count to 14 so we have been working recognizing the number 11.   


B worked on his fine motor skills.

He painted with water  colors the candle that went with this weeks Bible Verse
then he glued the verse to the paper.

He read the I see book from Raising Rock Stars.  He loved this book and read it to me about 50 times.  I can't believe I did not get a picture of him reading it.

He worked on the sight word see by using do-a-dots to trace the word.

He played a lot with his stacking alphabet blocks.

He matched up upper case letters to lower case letters using the Eric Carle game that we found at Barnes and Noble.

He spent a lot of time playing with his Little People Farm and his moon dough farm set.

He did an L is for lion page from Making Learning Fun.

He made a lighthouse out of a capital L.  This idea came from here.

He practiced writing his name.  I wrote in on a piece of construction paper with green dots showing where to begin and red dots showing where to end.  Then he traced it with a blue crayon.

He made a lady bug using a lower case L as the center of the body,
This idea came from here.

We had a great week.  We are planning on working on the letter Aa next week and have lots of yummy apples to eat.