Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Wonderful busy weekend

This weekend began our Spring Break and we had so much fun celebrating.  On Friday morning my niece Ashley gave birth to my sweet great niece Ella.  What a blessing she is to our family. 

Then on Sunday my sweet, caring, loving, funny, sensitive, handsome, athletic Brayden turned 5.  I just can't believe that he is 5.  He is such a funny kid and he has blessed our life in so many ways.  I love him to the moon and back 500 million times.


On Sunday we just had a small family celebration.  Brayden got to choose where to go for lunch and then we gave him presents from us and had a cupcake.  Next week we will have a bowling party with his friends then the next week he will celebrate again with Charlie at a family party for both of them. 
Before school got out for Spring Break Brayden took cupcakes to share with his friends for his birthday.  He took Angry Bird Star Wars cupcakes to share.

We are so blessed!!!!!!

Friday, March 22, 2013

Early Easter Celebrations

This week is the last week of school and Team Kids at church before the Spring Break.  So the kids had a couple of Easter egg hunts and parties.    They had a party at church on Wednesday Night and then Brayden had one at school on Thursday.  They had so much fun.  It was VERY cold and windy here on Thursday so the school hunt had to be inside but fun was still had by all.




Brayden's preschool inside egg hunt and party.








Since the boys are out of school the week before Easter this year I am planning on doing some activities to reinforce the true meaning of Easter.  I will be posting about them soon.

Where does the time go??

Where does the time go??  I just don't know.  I can't believe that it has been so long since I posted.  Time just has a knack for sneaking away from me before I even know what happens.  The last three weeks someone in our house has been sick.  Brayden started it off with pneumonia.  He had to have breathing treatments and everything.  Then Eric got sick with a stomach thing and felt terrible for several days.  As if that was not enough then Charlie came home from school last Friday with at 102 temp that lasted three whole days and totally knocked him for a loop.

I think we are finally on the mend.  Spring Break started today and we have 10 whole days to relax and do what we want to do and we are very excited about it.   Hopefully we will all be well and enjoy the week ahead and the celebration of Easter.

This is how we have spent the most of the last three weeks.  Hopefully everyone is better now just in time to enjoy Spring Break.