Sunday, January 3, 2010

December Tot-School and Preschool

Where did December go?? Boy what a fun month we had!! TOT-School and Preschool were sort of non-organized and spur of the moment a lot of the time but the boys had fun and still did a lot of learning.

Most of our planned activites this month came from our Advent Calendar. I made this calendar from an idea at Chasing Cheerios. I took wedding favor tins and cut scrapbook paper to go in the tops and then added magnetic tape to the back of each one. I then took and old cookie sheet and drilled two holes in the top to put my ribbon up at the top so I could hang it on the wall. Then I used a sharpie to write the numbers 1-24 on the tins. Then I just arranged them in a Christmas tree shape on the the cookie sheet. I added a little strip of paper to each one telling the boys what we would do that day. We did a lot of fun things and we did somethings to help others like baking cookies for the neighbors and going to visit a local nursing home and sing Christmas Carols. The boys loved it and every morning C would say "what number are we today and lets open it."

One of our Advent activities was making fudge. The boys loved making it and they even had fun sampling it by licking the bowl. They worked together so well on this project they even shared a chair to stand in while doing their cooking.

The boys had a lot of fun finger painting. These green paintings eventually turned into Christmas trees that they gave away as presents. They were very cute. We used pom-poms, glitter and sequins to decorate them and of course we put a shiny star on top.

We made Santa. The boys liked using the glue and B was totally fascinated with the cotton and how the cotton would stick to his fingers that had glue on them. He did not want me to wash it off. He just loved picking at the cotton stuck to him.

Another fun activity that we did was make a gingerbread train. B is very much into trains this year so this wsa perfect for him. C loved the icing that we used to stick it all together. He had more green icing on his face at times than he had on the train.

We had lots of fun making cookies for Santa. The boys loved that we had left over cookies so they could have some too. On Christmas morning Charlie was just amazed that Santa ate almost all of the cookies that we left for him and that only one carrot was left on the plate. He said, "the reindeers loved they carrots and they got full so they could not eat them all." He was also very concerned about why Santa did not drink all of his milk.

The boys older cousins have a Wii so they had lots of fun playing their new Rock Band Game. Stars in the making!!

What a fun time we had this month. This is just a sampling of all that December held for us. We just had a great time being a family and remembering the true reason for the Season. Hope you have a wonderful 2010!

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