Friday, February 25, 2011

Preschool Tot-School Weeks 7 & 8 Feb. 12-Feb.25

style="color:#000099;">Well this post is for last week and this week. Last week we did not get a lot done. Both boys had the flu and YES we did get the shot. They were so sick. B was much sicker than C. B had a fever for 5 1/2 days. So needless to say last week was a very long week. We did do a couple of things so I am just adding them to this week.

Before we were so sick:

President's Day- George Washington:

Read read several stories about Presidents and talked a lot about George Washington and Abraham Lincoln and the boys made these George Washingtons.

They also made these George Washington Cherry Trees. We had a great discussion about honesty with the George Washington Cherry Tree story.

Abraham Lincoln:

We made these Abraham Lincoln Log Cabins. They loved playing with the popsicle sticks. I think I will have to put some out and just let them explore and play with them. The boys put a penny in the window to make it look like Lincoln was looking out of the window.


The boys painted with their Cars. They LOVED this!!!! We did it several times this week because they kept asking to do it again. Such a big hit!!!

These next Car activities came from Time for Tots. You can find them here. We ordered the kit on line and boy has it been so much fun for my boys. Cars are their thing right now and so these activities have been done over and over and over this week.

Spelling the Car's Characters names:

Car's Character Puzzles

Playing Cars Roll the dice board game:

Sorting the Alphabet Cards by character--then matching upper and lower case letters

Fine Motor and pre-writing skills:

Roll Count and cover game:

Cars Puzzles: This is just one that we did this week. We have lots and we worked almost all of them this week.

Of Course we had LOTS of playtime with all of our Cars!!!!

We had a much better week. Thank goodness the boys are feeling better. We hope to do some Dr. Seuss activities next week!!

Friday, February 11, 2011

Preschool-Tot-school Week 6 February 5-11

We have been so busy this week. We have had so much fun and the boys are learning so much. We focused on Valentne's Day this week along with the letter Hh for hearts.

Stain glass hearts-

We made pretty stain glass hearts. I cut a heart shape frame out of construction paper and then we laid it on a piece of wax paper then the boys but glue all over the middle and on the edge of the heart. Then they used little pieces of purple, pink hot pink tissue paper to fill in the hole. When they were dry I peeled them off the wax paper and they look so pretty hanging in the window.

Crayon Shavings hearts

We took some old crayons and shaved them and put the colors red, pink and purple in their own bowls then the boys took wax paper and sprinkled the shaving onto one side of the wax paper. Then they ironed them and I drew heart shapes on them when they were cool and the boys cut out the shapes. These look great in our window too!

Hh is for heart-

I printed these Hh sheets here and the boys water colored them and then they took heart stickers and decorated the Hh. We also brainstormed a lot of Hh words and C had fun making up rhyming words to go with our Hh words.

Painted coffee filter hearts- We got this idea from Here

The boys just used water colors to paint the coffee filters that I had cut into heart shapes. They LOVED this. The colors are so bright and the hearts a just beautiful. I think we are going to attach a few of them to their preschool teacher's Valentine's Day gifts.

Alligator Valentines

#000099;">C made these little alligator valentines that we found here.

They are so cute they are little boxes and the alligator mouth opens and says I would snap to be your Valentine. We filled them with Candy and he is going to give them to a couple of special friends.

Roll and Count game-

We played this roll and count game that we got here.

Each boy had a game board and they would roll the dice and cover that many hearts with Hershey Kisses. They loved this game and they did not even try to eat the Kisses until we finished. I bet we played this game at least 6 times.

Painter Tape Hearts-

We took painters tape and made a heart shape on cardstock. Then to boys painted the entire piece of paper and when it was dry we peeled the tape off and they had a neat heart picture.

War with Cars Cards

We played war with our Cars Go fish cards. The boys really got into seeing who had the card with the higer number.

Photo of the Week:

You know how Cars the movie Craxy we are around here. Well C got this Mater the Tow Truck teeth candy for Christmas and he was saving it but he broke down and had to eat it. He loves his Mater teeth!!

We really had a great week. We will be doing a couple more Valentine things this weekend and on Monday and then C is going to work on color words and B is going to work on recognizing the letters of his name both upper case and lower case. Plus we have 2 birthdays to celebrate this week--The boys Aunt Patti and Poppa. Should be a fun week.