Sunday, November 15, 2009

TOT-School Week 12

B is 19 months old

Our TOT-School theme this week was RED!! Brayden did a lot of activities with the color red. We really had a very fun week. Some things that I did not get pictures of were him eating red Jell-o, and a red apple and making and eating a red Elmo cupcake that we made.

Tot School

B made a picture using a red dot marker and then he made another picture using a red marker, red crayon and red glittery foam shapes. He loved sticking the shapes down.

B explored Macarroni noodles with red pom poms hidden in them. This activity held his attention for almost an hour. I was amazed!! He is the type of kids that is on the go and moves from thing to thing but this he really enjoyed!

B fingerpainted with red. He loved it and he had it all over him by the time he was finished!

B loves Elmo!! So we used paper plates and paint to make Elmo. He loved painting the plates and pasting them together. When we were all finished he took it to his room and pointed to his door so I would hang it up then he kept looking at it saying "Melmo, Melmo"! This activity was definately a big hit this week.

B stuck red pipe cleaners into a half of a stryo foam ball. This was hard for him at first but when he realized he really needed to push it hard to get the pipe cleaner in he got to where he could put them in and take them out very fast.

B played with red playdough and practiced cutting it with a knife. He also used little playdough scissors to cut the playdough.

B took red Froot Loops and put them on a spaghetti noodle standing up in red playdough. He really liked doing this activity and he was very good at putting the red Froot Loops on the noodle.

We had a very fun and very red week!!

Friday, November 13, 2009

Preschool Week 12

C is 43 months old

Preschool this week was somewhat of a catch up week with a little bit of review. I had several things that I wanted C to do but for one reason or the other we never got around to it so we did some of these activities this week. Our Bible Story this week was Ruth and Naomi and we painted with wheat. In Tot-school for c's brother this week we did a lot of activities with the color red and C wanted to do them to so that is why you will see a lot of red posts this week. Next week we will be talking about Thanksgiving and working with the letter Tt for turkey. I hope it will be a fun week.

We measured leaves with candy corn and we talked about which one was longer and shorter and we counting the candy corn and compared numbers. C loved this because when we were done he got to eat the candy corn.

C made a book called the squirrel sees... Inside he drew 4 pictures that began with the letter S. He had a lot of fun with this and he loved reading it to his daddy.

C used buttons to spell out his name. It is hard to read since he used different colors on each letter but it was another great fine motor activity for him to do.

While working with C's brother on the color red we made an Elmo. When C saw it he just had to make one too. It turned out very cute. The whole thing is made with paper plates.

Another fine motor activitity that we did this week was putting Froot Loops on a spaghetti noodle that was stuck into a glob of playdough. C really enjoyed this activity and did it several times this week.

C played a lot with Playdough this week. He really got into cutting it with a plastic knife and using scissors to cut it. I am glad he enjoyed doing this because he needs scissor practice.

This week our Bible Story was Ruth and Naomi. We painted with wheat.

This was not our most exciting week but we had a good week and got some things done that had just been left hanging.

Saturday, November 7, 2009

TOT-School Week 11

Tot School

B is 19 months old

We finally got back into the school groove this week after a couple of off weeks. This week we did a little work with the letter Ss and just getting B to say new words. He has been a little slow to talk. Our Bible Story this week was Ruth and Naomi. We also spent a lot of time reading several Corduroy Board Books.

B turned the number 8 into a spider. We added 8 1/2 pipe cleaners for legs and wiggle eyes for the eyes and then he decorated it with sequins.

B put foil star stickers on an upper case and a lower case Ss.

B turned an S into a snake and decorated it with glitter foam shapes. We talked a lot about the colors and shapes of the foam pieces.

B laced a leaf. He really did a good job holding it by himself and lacing it.

We made squirrel headbands and we put coffee grounds on the tail to make it look fluffy!

He also played a lot with his telephone. He loves pushing the buttons!

B worked with his shape sorter.

B made a squirrel by painting glue on a squirrel shape and then covering it with coffee gounds. He loved the feel of the grounds. Then he added a wiggle eye.

B spent a lot of time playing with his Fisher Price Farm. He loves to make the animal sounds.

B made a spider web using a black paper plate and white yarn. He weaved the yarn around the paper plate that I had cut slits in. Then he took foam spiders and added them to the web. S for spide.

B made a fall tree. We painted his hand and arm for the tree trunk and branches and then he make fingerprints for the leaves in red, orange, and yellow.