Sunday, January 3, 2010

The Big Snow

Our first big snow in about 16 years and it was wonderful!!! I am so glad that my boys got to experience a nice big snow that we could really play in. When I was teaching we would do a whole unit on winter and snow and literally for several years we did not have much snow at all and the kids really did not know what I was talking about. So I am happy for all the kiddos around here that got to have several play in the snow all you want snow days!!

My boys had an absolute blast in the snow. The only downfall was with 15 inches B had a very hard time standing up. When we were sledding we made a nice sled path and from then on he could walk up that path without much trouble. Once he could manuver the hill boy did he LOVE sledding!!

We even managed to make 3 snowmen. They were named by the boys--Frosty, Chilly, and Dude. They loved watching them from the windows everyday for well over a week until they finally melted away. We only had a few tears when Frosty was gone.

We loved our snow and not only did we have tons of fun playing in it but we got to keep Daddy at home for several days so we got to have some great quality family time!!

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