Friday, July 16, 2010


Well our summer has been a lot different than I had planned. With my broken elbow we have stayed pretty close to home and just had fun being together and enjoying our backyard. We did manage one trip to the Knoxville Zoo and a trip to the beach. Later this month we plan to take a ride on Thomas the tank engine.

Knoxville Zoo or Zoo Zoo as B calls it

We took a day trip to the Knoxville Zoo and we had a wonderful day. Both boys loved it and really got into zoo animals. As far as Tot-School and Preschool this summer we have just been working on things that interest the boys. So they took such an interest in the zoo animals that we did several zoo animal projects.

The boys got really interested in Zoo animals and so we did several activities involving things we had seen at the Zoo.

Ee is for elephant paint dotter fun and cut and paste from Making Learning Fun.

We also created giraffes, more elephants, and lots of butterflies.

We painted with marbles and created Zebras.