Friday, January 8, 2010

Preschool Week 19 Jan.4-8

C is 45 months old.

Well we have spent the week trying to ease back into our routein. We did a lot of fun things this week. We started our new daily devotions book and we have been working on the Bible Verse--A happy heart makes a face look cheerful. Proverbs 15:13

We picked a Missionary family to learn about and pray for this month. They are the Williams Family and they live in Spain. We talked a lot about their job and where they live. We created a flag of Spain and put some reminders of things to pray for and a picture of them on the back of the flag. C. is really beginning to love our Bible time and he loves hearing the Bible stories over and over.

C spent some time playing with playdough this week. He started making his name by rolling the dough and then making the letters. He enjoyed this so much that he asked to do this several times during the week.

Both boys got a lot of train stuff for Christmas so they spent a good part of the week playing trains and reading many, many, Thomas Books. We do not have a train table so their track seems to take up the whole bedroom. They love it but it makes it hard to clean and move around in there. When we ever do get a train table they are going to be limited on their designs.

Yet another Thomas the train track toy that they boys got for Christmas.

C spent some time working on Thank You cards for his presents to mail out this week.

C is Cars the movie crazy. He loves it and all the stuff that goes with it. He got a Geo Trax set for Christmas that has some of the cars from the movie and a remote control Lightning McQueen car (which by the way will not work. He also got a Mater remote control and it does work so he spent a lot of time playing cars and boy can I really see what an imagination he has. He can pretend and make up some of the best stories. I hope to get him to dictate some of these stories for me in the next few weeks.

We have played the Uno Moo game several times. Both boys love it and even though c knows all his colors it is a great game he can play with his brother and learn all about taking turns and being patient. He is very good at it. He has beat me many times this week.

It is hard to tell in the picture but c is practicing writing his letters with his new Lightning McQueen body paint.

C spent some time working on the computer this week and he printed out a couple of Thomas and Friends coloring pages. He chose to do watercolor on them. They looked quite nice when he had finished.

We had a great week and sort of eased our way back into our daily grind. Charlie knows most letters and sounds now so I think we will start doing some work with sight words while reviewing the letters and sounds and contine to work on fine motor skills and a lot more math skills. Our theme next week will be snow and snowmen.

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  1. What a great week back! I love the trains, kids seem to really get into trains!

  2. My boys went through a great train phase as well. Looks like a great week!

  3. We have the Uno Moo too & love it, very nice ideas mama! :) 1st time checking out your blog - very nice. Your welcome to check out mine too!