Thursday, December 8, 2011

Truth in the Tinsel Advent fun days 2-8


We have been having so much fun with Truth in the Tinsel.  Both boys are loving it and they love making the crafts each day.  They are learning so much about the Bible and the Christmas Story.

Day 2
Jesus is the King of all Kings

Day 3
Zechariah did not believe in the miracle God was going to give him so the Angel Gabriel made him unable to speak until the baby was born.
We used a button for Zechariah's mouth.  This showed that his mouth had been "buttoned" up so he could not speak.

 Day 4
The Angel Gabriel delivered the messge to Mary that she would have baby.

Day 5
How Did Mary react to the news?
Mary obeyed God - She told Gabriel that she was the Lord's servant.

Day 6
Mary visited Elizabeth and her baby jumped for joy when Mary entered her house.  Elizabeth was excited because she knew Mary was carrying God's Son.

Day 7
Mary Sang a beautiful song to God

Day 8
Day 8Zechariah describes Jesus s the 'rising sun" coming from heaven to "shine on those living in darkness".

I love these Advent activities!!!  You can find the book here.

Thursday, December 1, 2011

Truth in the Tinsel - Day one (Light) and homemade Advent Calendar

Today we started the Truth in the Tinsel program.  You can get it here.  Day one was a hit!  The boys loved it and they have been going around the house singing their own song about The Light of the World is a baby named Jesus.   I highly recommend this program if you are looking for a hands-on and very meaningful Advent program.  Today's focus Bible reading is from Isaiah 9:2-7.

Advent  Calendar

The boys each made a Santa count down til Christmas
Santa to put on their bedroom doors.  Each day they
will put a cotton ball over the number for that day.
By the time we get to Christmas Santa will have a
full beard.

Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Busy Busy Fall

                   Halloween was so much fun!!  It was a three day
                    event but the boys had a blast!!
                      Finally headed home with all the Loot!!

                       We spent a couple of days hiking the
                        Great Smoky Mountains

                            Happy Thanksgiving
                     Charlie made this cute card for us at school.
                         Thankful trees that they boys made.  I think C.
                          is really starting to get what it means to be


Saturday, October 29, 2011

Preschool and Kindergarten weeks 4-5

During the last two weeks we have had a lot of fall fun. We took an over night trip to the Great Smokie Mountains and then we took a short five day trip to the beach. We did do a little school work too.

Fall Beach Trip

                                                             Fun with Papaw and Grandma
B enjoyed painting in his Thomas watercolor paint book.
                                                            C made a stain glass apple.
                                           A new discipline system that we are trying out-- 
                                                   The boys earn marbles when they are caught doing
                                                    the right thing or being especially nice or helpful
                                                    around the house.  The can lose marbles
                                                    when they are not doing the right things or when they
                                                    are disobeying or not following the directions.
                                                    Each week I give them green cards with the numbers
                                                    1-30 on them they have to lay them out in order.  
                                                  Then they get to lay out one marble for each green card. 
                                                  So when they have earned 30 marbles  they get two
                                                  dollars.  So they each have a little plastic baggy that
                                          they collect their money in. 
                                                 They can spend it when they want to.Charlie has started                   
                                                  to learn that if he saves his money he can use it
                                                  to buy bigger things that he wants instead of just
                                                  spending it when-ever he has a dollar or two. 
                                                 So far this system has been working well for us.

                                          Easel painting on the deck on our last nice warm day.

                                              My favorite moment of the week!!!   B was making
                                                    a picture on the chalk board.  He called me over and
                                                    told me he made a cross.  Then he told me that Jesus
                                                   died on the cross to save him.   Such a sweet moment
                                                   from my sensitive, big hearted three year old.
                                                                 A little sand playing.

                                                       Charlie painting a ghost and monster.
                                            Charlie working on his sight words by coloring the
                                             pumpkins by word.
                                              Brayden working on patterns from preschool
                                              printables from here.
                                             Brayden continuing to work on writing his name.
                                            Making chalk Halloween pictures on black paper.
                                       Crafts that we made to go along with our Bible Verses.

We have had a great couple of weeks.  Next week we
plan on working on more fall things plus getting back to work
on our Raising Rock Stars Curriculum.
We hope you all have a very saft and Happy Halloween.