Thursday, October 4, 2012

Crazy Busy

Wow! These last few weeks have been crazy busy.  Since Charlie started first grade back in August life has been a whirl-wind.  We have had all the usual school stuff going on plus Brayden started preschool.  Brayden is in 4 year old preschool and I am so lucky to be his teacher right now.  I am filling in for a teacher that is on medical leave.  I am loving every minute of it.  I have the sweetest kids in my class and we are having so much fun.  So along with all the school stuff we have going on the boys began fall baseball and the new year of Team Kids at church has begun and is in full swing on Wednesdays nights.  So as you can tell we are just busy, busy, busy around here.

Some preschool activities
We have painted sun flowers using a paint stick for the stem, green construction paper leaves, and paper plates for the flower part with real sun flower seeds in the middle.  We made the letter S snakes and decorated them with foam glittery shapes for form an ab pattern.  We painted apples and  had fun with rhythm sticks.  We also had an apple taste test and graphed our results.  Our graph ended up all equal with 4 children liking each type of apple we tried the best.   We made little people to look like us to go with our Me I am special unit and we made name puzzles to go under our people.  We made robots with rectangles to go with the letter Rr.  We made the best smelling acorns using brown fingerpaint and cinnamon.  We played with shaving cream and practiced witing our names and drawing our families.  We also used the chalk-board easel to draw fun pictures on.  We began our year by reading The Kissing Hand.  We did several activities with this story and our favorite one was making a Chester the raccoon puppet.  We used our hands to make Chester's mask.
Family Activities
 Building with blocks.

Candy card for Grandparents day for Papaw and Grandma.

Teaching Grandma how to play the Leapster Explorer.

Dressing up and playing at home

Charlie's school Fall carnival.  Charlie won the cake walk while wearing his silly glasses.  They must be lucky glasses.

Hanging out and having fun with Papaw!!

 Lots of fun at the fall carnival!!!!

 Fall Baseball  Go Red Sox!!
Charlie's Star Wars Drawing
So as you can see life is crazy busy right now.  I would not trade it for anything--well maybe a little more sleep. I am so blessed to be living this wonderful life that I am living and I thank God daily for it.