Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Charlie's "for real" birthday

I know I am so slack-- Well not really slack just a busy, busy life has gotten in the way of my blog time.  We have been so busy but a good busy. 

I am going to go back and try to catch up in order of all the things I have left out.  This may take we a few days-- weeks to get all caught up.

Anyway-- Charlie's 7th birthday was over Spring break so we were home the whole week and we had a lot of fun just hanging out.  On the Friday before Spring Break we took treats for Charlie's class.  He chose the theme Angry Birds Space.  All of the kids seemed to like the treat and I even got a few hugs as they left the lunchroom.  Charlie was so happy to share with his friends.

Since everyone was gone for Spring Break both of the boys parties had to wait until after break.  Charlie got to celebrate on his "for real" birthday by being off school so he started his day with his favorite "Big Waffles" and we spent most of the day building Legos and playing Star Wars.  He got to choose where to eat dinner and he chose Fuddruckers.  He got to open presents from Me, Eric and Brayden.  He got a new bigger bike that he loved and a Star Wars Angry bird bathing suit and a Lego Set.  He was a happy boy.

So Charlie had a great "for real" birthday as he called it.  I will be back soon with more birthday fun from the kid parties and the family parties.  This year the boys celebrated their birthdays for about a month.