Friday, September 25, 2009

Preschool Week 5

C is 41 months old

We had a very busy week this week but we managed to get some Aa and apple activities done. We still have several to finish up but we will work on them next week.

C laced an apple and then added a leaf and a stem. He did a great job lacing. I think finally his fine motor skills are developing.

C is making a book about the seasons of the apple tree. It is from the Mailbox Magazine. I shrunk it to 60% in size. This week he did the winter page where he just colored the tree and put animals in the tree that use it for shelter in the winter. Then on the summer page he tore and glued green paper to make it look like leaves. We will do the Spring and Fall pages next week.

C brainstormed a list of Aa words and then he glued Apple Jacks on the Aa. He like that he got to eat some too.

C made an apple moasic. He really did a good job cutting even though he did not quite stay on my lines. He also put it back together without any help.

C made a stain glass apple this week using tissue paperr. It looks great hanging in our kitcher window.

C spent some time this week playing with his cars.

C made an apple with a worm coming out of it.

C worked on a worksheet where he sorted the capital A's from the lower case a's.

We really had a great week! We wanted to visit an apple orchard this week but we had a ton of rain at the beginning of the week and then we just ran out of time at the end of the week. Maybe we can get there next week.


  1. I loved your apple week. Lots of great ideas. :)

  2. I love everything you did with the apple theme. Isn't it fun to watch as their fine motor skills start defining themselves! Apple Jacks...I never would have thought of that! Great Job!

  3. Nice week! That stained apple looks like a lot of fun - is it a wax paper in the middle of the apple?

  4. That apple and worm activity is too cute! And the mosaic too!

    Thanks for joining up with us!

  5. The stain glass apple had wax paper in it but when it was dried I pulled it off so now it is just tissue paper and then apple construction paper. We did glue the tissue to the wax paper but when it dries it will come right off the wax paper and the tissue will atick together to form the middle of the apple.