Sunday, September 13, 2009

Preschool Week 3

C is 41 months old

We had a great week but our week was a little short so we will have to finish up some activities next week. On Monday we celebrated Labor Day and daddy was home so needless to say we did not get anything accomplished. Tuesday we had several friends over for an end of the summer water playdate.

Our Bible stories this week still centered around Creation. For some reason I don't have any pictures. But C worked on his creation book and added Adam and Eve and we talked about how on Day 7 God rested. We learned how God made a time for everything-Work, Fun and Rest. Our Bible Verse this week was There is A Time For Everything.
Ecclesiastes 3:1

Summer fun water playdate

Charlie made a little project for the Grandparents this week. He put tissue paper on contact paper cut into a heart shape. Then I wrote happy grandparent's day and Charlie traced his name and we added a picture of him and then sealed it with another piece of contact paper. They look great haniging in the window and the Grandparents love it!

C made a birthday card for his aunt Kristy. He had fun drawing the pictures. This is only the second time he has actually drawn pictures on a card for someone.

"Me I am Special"

This week C began an All About Me Book. He traced his name using glitter glue for the My Name is page, We cut out pictures of his favorite food for that page, He decorated the cover to look like him, Traced the words of his favorite colors and then made used dot painters to show his favorite colors and we made his handprint for the These are my hands page. We have several pages left to finish up next week. I got this idea from

Another page of the All about Me Book is to show what letters he knows. I cut the letters out and just asked him what each one was and I was quite surprised to see that he recognized all the upper case letters. Then I was even more surprised that when I stepped out of the room for a few minutes he began to put the letters in order. He put all of the letters in order from A-Z. It was Awesome!!

Our letter this week was M for Me. C glued Macaroni on the letter Mm and then brainstormed M words. He came up with a lot of great M words. We have some more M activities that we will complete next week.

On Saturday we vistited the Blue Ridge Parkway and we got to meet Reader Roo and Curious George. We got to have storytime with a Park Ranger and we also
got to take a cool hike. Meeting George was the hightlight of our week!

We had a great week!! We still have some M activites and Me I am special activites to finish up this week. I will post pictures next week. We are also going to begin our Apple theme next week!!

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  1. Isn't it awesome when our children surprise us with what they know? I liked the card that Charlie made - he is quite an artist.