Friday, September 18, 2009

Preschool Week 4

C is 41 months old

This week we worked on finishing up all the things we did not get done last week. Last week our theme was Me I am special. So we had to finish up some M activities and some of our all about me book. Then we began our theme on apples. We also started some activities with the letter Aa. We hope to finish up this theme next week.

This is C working on his all about me book. This is going to be a great keepsake to look back at in a few years. I got this at
All of the All About Me Book

C made a paper plate doll to look like him. He painted the plate for the face and then decorated the shirt, shoes, and pants and glued on hair and then made facial features.

C made a mouse out of an upper case M. He really got into brainstorming M words this week and asking me what letter other words begin with.

C finished up his creation book this week. He drew a picture of Adam and a dog and then for day 7 he drew God and a church with a cross.

Letter A apple theme week 1

Our A activities this week included putting apple stickers on an Aa, a worksheet to distinguish between upper case A and lower case a. He colored the A's red and the a's yellow, we began a number book by putting apples on apple trees to match the numbers. I got this here. We made apple prints, and we ate apples. Next week we are planning a trip to the orchard and hopefully we will make apple cake.

We also went to the fair this week!!

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  1. This is an awesome week! I liked the special "Me" book - I will look for it at and maybe make one with Anna for her 3rd birthday.