Thursday, September 3, 2009

Preschool Week 2

C is 41 months old

This week our theme was beach/fish. We worked on the color green and the numbers 3 and 4. Our Bible story is still on Creation and we learned that everything God made is beautiful and good. C worked on days 4 and 5 in his Creation book. Both boys were sick at the beginning of the week so we did not get as much accomplished as I had hoped but we still had a great week!

Our bible Study this week is still on creation. C spent time working on pages 4 and 5. For page 4 we cut out a moon "cresent shape" that is what C told me. He glued it on then added star stickers and then cut out a circle for the moon and tore rays out of orange paper. For page 5 he colored an ocean at the bottom and then took cookie cutters and paint to put sea creatures in the ocean. He chose an octopus and a seahorse. For the things in the sky he chose and owl and a bird.


This week we were reviewing the color green so we made green Jell-O jigglers. Our theme this week was beach/fish so we made green fish jigglers. C also had to make green dinosaur jigglers too!!

C also finger painted with Green fingerpaint. He made a " rainbow, tree and flowers"

We read the Rainbow fish this week and C made a fish out of a coffee filter. He colored it with washable markers then sprayed water on it so the colors would bleed together. After it was dry I cut out a fish shape and he decorated it with a wiggle eye and then he cut pieces of tin foil to make "scales". It turned out very cute!!

Our letter this week was F. C stamped fish on Ff and he also glued feathers on Ff.He traced the letter Ff sheet that we got from

Working with numbers

C worked on painting his nubmers 3 and 4 for his number and then he added the correct number of stickers to match the numbers.
We read these two books from Scholastic about the numbers 3 and 4.

C made an octopus using cheerios. He counted out and glued the correct number of cheerios onto the octopus legs to match the number that was on the leg.

C had fun this week drawing and writing on his aqua doodle mat. After he played and explored for awhile I got him to practice making shapes and writing the letters in his name.

Since the boys were a little sick this week we did not get everything done that I had hoped to do but that's ok--I figure there is always next week.

For more preschool activities head over to the Preschool Corner at Homeschool Creations!! There are tons of excellent preschool ideas and resources there! Make sure you link up and share what you are doing with your preschooler each week!


  1. You all had a great week. Love that Aqua Doodle mat.

  2. It looks like you all had fun learning about the letter F and fish. Great ideas!

  3. I like the sun, moon and stars picture, your jell-o creations and rainbow fish pictures too.

    A very fun week!

  4. B loves his aquadoodle mat too! I love the water part of it. =) Looks like you guys had a really fun week!

  5. I love your rainbow fish! I am going to have to remember this activity.

  6. That octopus with the cheerios is cute {and yummy}. :)

    Thanks for joining up with us!

  7. Nice week. Your coffee filter fish turned out so cute. We have done almost the same during our ocean theme, but it wasn't nearly as pretty :)