Sunday, August 30, 2009

Preschool week 1

C is 41 months old

This is our first official week of preschool. We worked on the letter W with the theme watermelon. We also began our Bible Time by using the story of Creation. C is working on making a book about Creation and we read several different stories from Toddler and preschool Bibles about Creation. We had a great and busy week.

This week our letter of the week was W. I cut out the letter W twice one green and one red (this one was a tiny bit smaller than the green one) C then glued them together and then dipped the round end of a crayon in black paint to stamp on seeds. (I was out of Q-tips) So now our W looks like a watermelon. This idea came from here.

C also made a watermelon and then took a crayon to stamp the outline of the letter Ww on it.

He also used paint dotter to paint/trace the letter Ww.

Another Ww activity that we did was look for Ww in the newspaper and catalogs. He would find them cut them out and glue them to a paper where he had traced Ww with a marker.

He also did a sheet where we talked about words that started with W and then he traced both capital and lower case Ww.

Another W/science activity we did was making worms. I used the left over from a kit from Steve Spangler Science. C mixed the worm goo and some little crystals to make these worms. He chose to make his worms green so we added some green food coloring.

We worked a lot on fine motor skills this week. C is trying to decide which hand he is going to use. One minute he will draw and color with his right hand and the next minute I will see him using the left hand. I am just trying to not persuade him and let him decide which works best for him.

We did this worksheet from here on just making straight lines down. He did a pretty good job with this.

Another fine motor thing we did was work on his name. I wrote his name with white chalk on black paper and then gave it to him with a towel folded under it. I then gave him a push pin and let him trace his name by pushing the pin on the lines that I drew to form his name. He loved this!! We hung it in his room so now when the sun shines in he can see his name shining through the paper. We may do more activities like this one using shapes.

C also practice writing the number 1-4 in a salt tray and he practied making shape too.
Creation Bible Study
C worked on his Creation book this week. He did days one, two, and three. This idea came from here.

For day one he painted the sky dark and then put yellow under it to make light. For day 2 he painted a blue sky and put cotton on it for clouds and painted a blue ocean. For day three he used the scrap box to create grand, grass, flowers and tree. (This was great for helping to develop his fine motor skills.) He learned a lot this week about how God created the world. He also leard his Bible verse- In the beginning God created the Heavens and Earth-Genesis 1:1.
Working on day two of creation book. Working on the third day of Creation in his Creation book.
First three pages of Creation Book.

C is working on making a number book. He paints the numbers and then adds the correct number of stickers to the pages. This week we worked on numbers 1 and 2.
I got the number printouts from here.

C helped make oatmeal chocolat chip cookies. We used both brown and white chips. This turned out to be a great math lesson. First he had a pile of brown chips and a pile of white chips and asked me which pile had more. I told him to count them then we took them and matched them up. One brown one white. He discovered that he had more white when he ran out of brown and still had 3 whites left. Then he took the chips and started making patterns with them. He created ab patterns and aab patterns. A great math lesson!!

C sorted watermelons from first by color then by shape. He recorded the number of each shape on a graph. Then I had him tell me about his graph.

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  1. Hi, I am visiting from Preschool Corner. It's a great week, and you documented it so well. I really liked your fine motor activity with a push pin - I want to try it out here too. Thanks for sharing!