Saturday, August 15, 2009

TOT School --summer version

TOT School C is 40 months and B is 16 months

We are just getting started with the whole blogging thing and we love Tot School. This post is some summer Tot school activities that we have been doing this week. Hopefully we will get organized and begin doing Tot school and Preschool on a regular basis by the beginning of September.

Tot School This Week

B is building with his Little People Blocks. He is just now getting to where he can stack them like he wants them.

B is actually "reading" a book! He has just gotten to where he will sit and look at books for awhile.

C is working with his TOT-book. He loves, loves, loves it! It is Cars his most favorite thing in the whole wide world.

Cars TOT-Book

C is feeding his pet stuffed dog, Sheba some "Marshmallows". These are actually blocks with numbers on them. He came up with this whole idea on his own but I made him tell me what each number was before Sheba could eat the marshmallow.

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