Thursday, January 20, 2011

Preschool-Tot-School week 3 Jan.15-21

This week we have not been so organized. Why?? I am not really sure but we did get somethings done it was just a little of this and a little of that. Hopefully next week I will be a little more organized.

Time for Tots Learning Kit

We just received our first learning kits from time for tot and we love them. This week the boys made patterns and sorted beads and did square puzzles. Both boys loved this activities and I know we will use them a lot. You can find them

Handy Manny Uno

The boys got a Handy Manny Uno game for Christmas and I bet we have played it 100 times already. They love, love, love it!!!! It is a great game that they both can play together and it reinforces color and number recognition.

Sensory Bin

Our sensory bin only has a some different size noodles and red pom-poms in it right now. I am hoping to create a more of a Valentine theme for next week. B. loves it. He loves to scoop and pour. I had a funnel in it and the pom-poms would not come out of the bottom of it so C. made up his own game of blow the pom-pom. He would stick a pom-pom in it and then try to blow it out and land it in a little cup on the floor. For some crazy reason I did not get a picture of this but I am sure he will be doing it again so I will be sure to take of picture of him playing his new game.

Thomas Painting and Addition workbook

B spent some time painting pictures in his Thomas coloring book again this week and C. started working in his new addition workbook. It is a Disney Cars book that we got at Barnes and Noble. He loves it and wanted to work in it several times a day.

Easel--Chalk and Markers

This week the boys used the easel to draw with chalk and Markers. B. drew Grandma and he actually drew a head, eyes, nose, mouth, hair, arms and legs. C. made a gorilla and he sounded out the word gorilla to label his picture. He is just now getting into sounding out words so we will be doing a lot more activities like this one.

Little Gym -- Big Show

C. just finished up a semester at The Little Gym had his big show. He loves going to The Little Gym. Next semester he is taking a sports class and he is soooo excited about it.


  1. Oh my goodness! You are such an awesome and creative mama...I love it. Never a dull moment is right ;) Please keep this blog updated so in like 10 years from now when I have a baby, it will come in handy!! xoxo

  2. Followed over from the Tot school link-up! Looks like a fun week! :)