Monday, January 10, 2011

Preschool-Tot-school week 1 Jan. 1-7

After I had my accident last year Tot-school and preschool got pushed to the back burner but now we are slowly getting back in the groove. This week we really did not have a theme we just enjoyed some of the things the boys got for Christmas. I did not get a lot of pictures of the boys in action but I will do better next week.

McQueen Car

The big Christmas present this year was the McQueen car and both boys LOVE it. The only problem is our weather has been terrible and our garage is too small so they have not gotten to enjoy it much yet. We did sneak out on a cold, windy day for a few minutes so they could take a quick spin.


The boys made snowmen with cotton. C got creative and had to add arms and legs to his.
Marshmallow snowmen

The boys made marshmallow snowmen. C put his glue on all by himself but I had to help B a little. He had trouble squeezing the glue and getting it where he wanted it. B loved eating the marshmallows as much as he enjoyed making the snowman.

Thomas Water Color

B got a Thomas Coloring book for Christmas and the boys had a great time this week using watercolors to paint the pages.

Sand Art

C got a Lightning McQueen sand art set for Christmas and he actually let his brother have Sally. They had a great time doing the Sand Art and they really did not make a big mess.

Moon Dough

B got a moon dough set for Christmas and they had so much fun creating the farm animals using the dough.


  1. What fun snowmen!!! They turned out great! Visiting you from the Tot School link up.

  2. Welcome back! Love the snowmen crafts, especially the ones with marshmallows!