Friday, January 7, 2011


We had so much fun celebrating the holidays this year. Both boys are so into it and they were both so excited for an entire month. They both now really do understand the true meaning of Christmas and they really enjoyed reading many books and Bible stories about the birth of Jesus.

This was our Advent Calendar this year. Each tin on the sheet had a number written on it and each day we would open one tin and read what was inside. Some were free activities that we could do around town and some were baking and doing things for others and some were Christmas crafts we could make together. The boys could not wait for each morning to arrive so they could see what the Advent calendar said for that day.

We all had so much fun spending time with family. The boys had a blast hanging out with all of our family especially the cousins the young one and the older ones.

Our good friends Adriana and Michelle hosted a Christmas pajama party. It was so much fun. The boys got to play with their friends and they got to watch some of the movie Nemo. Michelle had a wonderful breakfast for them and then we topped it off with each kids getting their own little cake with a candle in and we sang Happy Birthday to Jesus. It was such a great morning.

We did a lot of baking. We make treats for our neighbors and friends and we make cookis for Santa.

We visited the Grove Park Inn and looked at all the great decorations and the wonderful Gingerbread houses.

We had our first white Christmas in YEARS so we got outside and enjoyed it!

We had a wonderful Christmas with family and friends celebrating
the birth of Jesus.

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