Friday, February 8, 2013

Two Fridays in a Row

On February first I heard those wonderful words once again.  This time the call came with a two hour delay message which I was so Thankful for--this thing called school begins way too early.  Then much to my surprise about 7:00am another message came through with those wonderful words yet again---ALL Buncombe County Schools closed.   Then my wheels started turning with ideas of things to do with my boys all day.  Could not wait for another fun no school day!!!

We had yet another great stay in our pj's Friday.  We began the day reading books about the Groundhog and making our predictions.  Then we ate a little snowman breakfast.  Last Friday we had snowman pancakes but this week due to a request from a sweet toothless 7 year old we had snowmen doughnuts.  I know, I know not the most healthy breakfast but it sure was yummy.  The boys gobbled down their snowmen and fruit with a little chocolate milk and then played a little Wii while I cleaned up the kitchen and started a load of laundry. 

Next was family game morning, yes I mean ALL morning.  They took turns picking out the games and I think we played for something like 21/2 hours.  We played Scrabble Jr., Mastermind, Handy Manny Uno, Candy Land, Cars Monopoly, and War.  It was so much fun that I forgot to take a lot of pictures.    Then we watched a little Disney Jr and The Tigger Movie was on and the boys loved it.

Next we ate lunch with snowmen crackers and cheese, fruit, and popcorn.  Then we got really messy making marbled valentines.  We took shaving cream, and food coloring and swirled it around with a popsicle stick and then took construction paper and laid on top of it.  After the boys peeled the paper off I scraped off the excess shaving cream and we were left with marble prints.  After the boys did all of this that they wanted to I let them just play in the shaving cream.  Brayden practiced writing his letters and some sight words that he knows and Charlie just drew pictures.  Then the boys took pre-cut hearts and used glitter glue to decorate them and then glued them on to the shaving cream marbled papers.  We will eventually turn these into Valentine's for teachers and family members. 

Next was Lincoln Log Time and the boys got very creative with what they build.  We decided that we need more Lincoln Logs because they never seemed to have enough and did not get to finish their creations quite like they wanted to.  

Then they took turns playing a little on the I-pad.  Then the Legos came back out.  They are out most days and the boys are really getting good and building Lego Creations. 

Well I could soooo get used to these laid back Friday's with my boys.  We have had so much fun and we can't wait until the next day off.  We are still waiting on a big snow or at least one we can go out and play in and build snowmen.  Maybe soon.   But until the next day off we will cherish all of the wonderful fun times we have had just by hearing the words- Buncombe County Schools closed!!!

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