Friday, February 1, 2013


Last Friday I heard the most amazing words at 5:34am---  Buncombe County Schools Closed!!  It came at a great time.  We were all tired and ready for a stay in our pj's all day kind of day and just do fun family things.  We did not have any snow just ice so we did not get to have fun playing outside but we had a day full of inside fun and memory making.  It was the BEST day!!!!

We began our day with snowman pancakes with M&M eyes and decorations.  A little candy before 8:30 am never hurt anyone--right???   Then we played a little Wii and things got a little competative during the bowling matches and basketball games.   After Wii spent a lot of time building with Legos.  Charlie finished a big Bat Man set that he had been working on and Brayden built a whole city set.  They amaze me at how well they can build with the Legos.

Then Brayden and I made some Lemon/Lime Kool-aid playdough.  Then both boys got out all of our playdough tool and we spend about an hour creating.  Brayden got a cool crain truck just for using with playdough for Christmas.  It has a lot of cool tools to use and molds to make cones, walls and rocks.   Charlie played with his Cars 2 set and molded several cars and made a track for them and then had races.

The we made and munched on yummy brownies.  Brayden is my kitchen helper and he is a pro when it comes to making brownies. 

Then the boys played a little on the I-pad and the computer while I ran a load of laundry and fixed lunch.  They love PBS Kids, Starfall and disney  Of course Brayden is Angry birds crazy.

For lunch we had snowmen sandwiches, pretzels and hot chocolate.  Oh! yeah--We had another brownie too. (don't judge) HA!!

Then we had a wonderful game of Cars 2 Monopoly.  It was so much fun but of course I came in last again.  Brayden beat Charlie by 1 dollar.

Then the boys drew snow pictures with white Crayons and then painted over them with water colors.

After we had so much fun with the snow pictures we read about 10 books about snow and snowmen. To end our day we snuggled up and watched Peter Pan.

We actually got to hear those wonderful words again this morning.  Seems like we are in a Friday pattern for school being cancelled.  We still have not had a good snow to play in-- hopefully soon.
I will up-date about our day today soon.

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  1. CUTE snowmen and, of course, your little men! I love the picture on your header. And I love that you take such joy in spending time with your boys... how wonderful!