Friday, February 15, 2013

Growing up!!

Well I knew it would happen and I am fighting it with every part of my being but I just can't stop it.  My boys are growing up and it is happening way to fast.  As much as I would love to freeze time right now and keep them forever as a first grader and a preschooler I know I can't.  I know they have to grow up and I am excited about seeing where God takes their little lives.  They both have so much to offer this world and I know it is all going to be so amazing.  Charlie has hit a mild stone in his little life that reaminds me of the book Franklin and the Tooth Fairy.  In the story they mention that you know you are growing up when you loose your teeth and new ones begin to come in.  Franklin, being a turtle, does not have any teeth to lose so he feels a little left out.  Well this was my Charlie- last year in Kindergarten it seemed to him that ALL of his friends were losing their teeth but him.  He mentioned it several times at the end of the year last year and many times over the summer.  Then first grade hit and still no loose teeth.  Then FINALLY in late November he came running to me screaming, "Mom, Mom my tooth is loose. Look, Look!!!"  Well sure enough after all that waiting he had a loose tooth.  It took several weeks but on December 11th that first baby tooth was lost and the Tooth Fairy was making a stop at our house.    I was so happy for Charlie but sad that, I coud before my very eyes see my baby growing up.

Lost first tooth on December 11, 2012
He lost it at school which made it all that much better because his friends got to see it and he got the cool tooth necklace from the office.

Well between that fantastic December day and February 2nd we have kept the Tooth Fairy quite busy.  Charlie has lost 4 teeth and he is so proud and so cute.  I love his toothless smile and watching him try to eat is so sweet.

 2nd tooth lost early January 2013.

Third tooth lost late January 2013.

Fourth tooth lost on Groundhog day 2013,
I just can't believe that he is growing up so fast.  I hate it so much but I am taking in every second and enjoying every minute of watching him grow up.  These times are so amazing and precious.

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