Friday, August 17, 2012

Airplanes and tie-dye

On our last two days before sending Charlie off to first greade we did two very fun projects.  The boys loved both of them and had lots of fun making them.

The first one was making a "tie dyed" shirt.  We used Sharpie markers, and rubbing alcohol and washed white t-shirts.  We used a rubber band to secure the shirts over a plastic cup.  Brayden made designs and just colored on his shirt while Charlie wanted to draw Cars and then color the background around the cars.  Then they use an eye dropper to drop the alcohol on the shirt.  Brayden LOVED watching the colors run and mix together.  Charlies ran some but you can still make out the cars that he drew.

 Brayden's shirt

Charlie's shirt

After they boys finished their shirts we put them in the dryer for about 20 minutes to let the colors set.

Our second project was making these neat airplanes.   We took drinking straws, index cards, and tape and made these amazing little planes.  We took index cards and cut three 1 inch by 5 inch strips.  The boys then taped two of the strips together long ways.  Then they taped the ends together to form a circle.  The last strip they taped the ends together to form a second circle.  Then they taped one circle to each end of the straw with the straw going through the circles.  Then the planes were ready to fly.

 Finished plane

The boys could not wait for daddy to get home to show him their planes.
Dad was even impressed at how well the planes flew!!

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