Thursday, December 8, 2011

Truth in the Tinsel Advent fun days 2-8


We have been having so much fun with Truth in the Tinsel.  Both boys are loving it and they love making the crafts each day.  They are learning so much about the Bible and the Christmas Story.

Day 2
Jesus is the King of all Kings

Day 3
Zechariah did not believe in the miracle God was going to give him so the Angel Gabriel made him unable to speak until the baby was born.
We used a button for Zechariah's mouth.  This showed that his mouth had been "buttoned" up so he could not speak.

 Day 4
The Angel Gabriel delivered the messge to Mary that she would have baby.

Day 5
How Did Mary react to the news?
Mary obeyed God - She told Gabriel that she was the Lord's servant.

Day 6
Mary visited Elizabeth and her baby jumped for joy when Mary entered her house.  Elizabeth was excited because she knew Mary was carrying God's Son.

Day 7
Mary Sang a beautiful song to God

Day 8
Day 8Zechariah describes Jesus s the 'rising sun" coming from heaven to "shine on those living in darkness".

I love these Advent activities!!!  You can find the book here.

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