Friday, July 8, 2011

Preschool-kindergarten July 1-7

This week Daddy was off so our whole routine was way off so we did not get a lot done in the way of school. That is ok we had a lot of fun doing things around our town with Daddy.

We bought B a new bed so of course he had to have Cars 2 bedding to go on it. When then C had to have Cars 2 bedding also. So now both boys have Cars 2 beds. B's room is still a work in progress.

The boys used straws to make letters.

We cut up red and blue straws in to little pieces and the boys used them to make 4th of July bracelets. The put them on a white pipe cleaner and then we just twisted them and put them on their arms.

We made some 4th of July snacks. We took pretzel rods and dipped them in white chocolate and then covered them with red, white, and blue sprinkles. The boys loved making these and eating them.

We also made 4th of July cookie pops. We made sugar cookies and put a lolli-pop stick in them and baked them like normal. When they were cool we decorated them with white icing and blue and red sprinkles.

The boys used glue and glitter on black paper to make fireworks. They love glitter!!

C worked a little bit on his sight words from the Ready to Read program from The Moffatt Girls.

Hopefully next week we will be back to normal.


  1. The pretzel sticks look so yummy!! Looks like a fun week!

  2. We made a version of the pretzel sticks but used marshmallows instead of white chocolate. It was the first time I had tried it and it was good! Perfect combination of salty and sweet.

  3. Love the pretzel sticks. I really need to get my kiddos in the kitchen more. I really dread it (probably because I do not enjoy cooking/baking), but I know there is so much joy they would get from it. Not to mention maybe they would learn to love it!

  4. We made those sparklers last year. We dipped ours in marshmallow fluff though. Yummy fun. We totally dropped our fourth of july activities this year. LOL

    Popping in from tot school.