Friday, October 9, 2009

Preschool Week 7


C is 42 months old

It took us a little time this week to get back into the routein after being on vacation last week. Our focus this week was the letter B for bear and bat. We read many great bear books and did several bear activites. Our Bible story this week and next week is Adam and Eve. We read the story from several preschool Bibles and then nest week we will do some activities to go along with the story.

He made a bear head band that he has worn just about the entire week. He loves it and he likes to chase his brother and roar like a bear.

C did a couple of worksheets this week involving the bear theme. One was cutting and pasting pictures that begin with the b sound and the other one was tracing numbers 1-10 on the bears bellys. I don't really like worksheets but he seems to enjoy them and asks for them.

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C had a great time working some of the Elmer puzzles. One was the number match and the other one was the color match. This involved the animals from Brown Bear, Brown Bear What do You See by Eric Carle. He really enjoyed working with these two items.

After Reading Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What Do You See? C sorted M&M's by colors on this sheet with the animals. This was one of his favorite activities since he got to eat them when he was finished.

C did a Bb tracing sheet from

C made a bear out of the letter B. It turned out really cute. It ended up being a lot of cutting for him. So I cut the B out for him. He says his bear is dancing.

After reading a Pocket for Corduroy C made a little Corduroy bear and put on pocket on him. He wanted a red circle pocket on his bear.

After reading Stellaluna C made a bat using his handprints. He said he liked this so much that he wanted to make bunches and bunches of bats.

He enjoyed watching a Bear in the Big Blue House video about shapes and colors this week.

Here are some of the books that we read this week!

We really had a great week and hope to follow it up with a wonderful fall weekend.


  1. Caleb loved Brown Bear Brown Bear. I'll have to get it out again to reminisce. We also use Starfall quite a bit. It's a great resource. Looks like you all had a good week.

  2. I love his bear head band and all of your bear and Brown Bear, Brown Bear activities that you did this week. You had lots of fun with this theme!

  3. Your bear projects are very cute. We hope to read Stellaluna sometimes before Halloween too. Happy teaching!