Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Week Six of Summer Vacation

Summer, summer, summer oh how I love thee!!!  This has been the best summer ever.  I so wanted to make this summer special.  With Charlie being in school all year now I wanted to make sure this summer left us with tons of precious memories.  I am trying very hard to not look at the calendar and see that it is slipping away right before my very eyes.  We are going to enjoy it to the bitter end.

We spent a day at Dollywood and we had a blast.  Luckily it was an overcast day so it was not so hot.  We had already left the park when the big thunderstorm and down pour came so that made it even better.

Brayden loved the train ride.
 Playing at the water mister plane
 Watching the show Otis--one of our favorite books!!

 The Little Engine that Could
 Driving the cars
 Being Silly
 Playing with cars-- looks like a major crash happened.

 Deck enertainment
Like I said before- Summer- I love you--
Please don't get in a hurry to leave!

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