Monday, June 18, 2012

First Week of Summer Vacation!!!

YAY!! School is finally out!!!! Charlie had an extra Awesome kindergarten year!!! So awesome that we all really hate to see it end. But... a little rest and relaxing with a lot of fun mixed in is sure going to be nice. If I could make one wish it would be to have summer break and then have Charlie go back to school with Mrs. McBrayer and Mrs. Reed. I know, I know he has to grow up and move on to first grade. I can't thank his teacher's enough for the WONDERFUL year he had and for making his move into "Big School" so easy and fun.

Our first week was fun and laid back all in one.
A little I-pad and computer fun and shh don't tell the boys---LEARNING too.
We played our last baseball game of the season and then took pictures of "Papaw's Park".
The boys also had tons of fun playing with some neat blocks that Mrs. Reed gave them.
Lots of outside fun with the pool, picnics, bike riding, sidewalk chalk and paint and the most favorite thing of all---- jumping in puddles.
Loving the water squirters!!  They especially love squirting mom and dad!
Charlie spent a long time mixing magic potions.  Who knew you could have so much fun with water, a plastic bottle, bubbles, and soap suds.   What an imagination that boy has--- He amazes me with all the fun things he comes up with.

Well our first week was a success!!!  The boys had a great time and they even learned some things in the process.  I can say for sure that--
WE Love Summer!!!

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