Thursday, March 8, 2012

We Love Teacher Workdays!!!

Last week Charlie had a teacher workday so he got to stay home all day. We loved every minute of it!!!! I heard parents complaining about the kids being home for the day and I just do not understand that. We have only had one snow day this year so he has not been home a lot. I was just as excited as he was to have a day off. We started our day by just being lazy and playing around the house. We had his favorite breakfast of "Big" waffles and then we just played. Later we met daddy for lunch and then headed to the Health Adventure. We had lots of fun at the Health Adventure and then we headed to Target to look at the toys and get ideas for both of the boys up-coming birthdays. Once home the boys finalized their birthday party lists and then we played, played, played. It was just a wonderful day!!!


  1. My Mom always said she never understood parents who were excited for summer to be over and school to start back so they could get rid of their kids?! I think this is a mark of a great mother, Lynn. Keep up the amazing job you're doing!

  2. AWWW! Thanks Katrina!! We just had the best day!! I am soooo ready to have him home all summer--I can't wait!!