Monday, October 17, 2011

Back on Track Preschool Raising Rock Stars

 I was soooo excited that we had finally gotten back to a routine ---- then we were hit with pneumonia.  C. had a major sinus infection and pneumonia.  He was not quite himself for well over a week so I finally decided to take him to the doctor.  I knew he did not feel great but I still debated the whole doctor thing because he did not seem that sick.  I am sooooo glad I took him.   So now things are slowly getting back to normal. 

I am using the Raising Rock Stars Curriculum but I am skipping around so the focus letter matches our theme.  The past couple of weeks our theme has been apples so we are doing Raising Rock Stars A unit. You can find it here.

B has had a lot of fun learning his Bible Verse.  He loved cutting it out and gluing it together.  It also reminded me that we still need to do some work on his cutting skills.

Family Apple Picking Trip-

B's preschool class took a field trip to a local farm.  He loved the baby cows and the chickens.

Play-doh fun!!!
B loves play-doh so we worked on numbers with our number cookie cutters.  He cut out all the numbers 0-9 and then put them in order then we practiced making the number 12-20. 
C likes the play-doh too.  He worked on making his sight words with it then he used the letter stampers from Lakeshore to stamp his words.

We still have some apple activities to complete so we will work on them next week.  We will also begin a unit on Fall that we will work on for a couple of weeks.

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