Thursday, June 30, 2011

Preschool-Kindergarten June 24-30

We had a great busy week. We celebrated a friend's birthday at the local Fun Depot, We had a water playdate at our house, and we had a cook-out with the cousins, and we went to the library twice this week. On Thursday at the library they had a fire and ice day. The local firemen came and talked about fire safety and let us see the fire trucks and they brought the smoke house and the boys got to go in and learn what to do if we had a fire in our house. It was a great learning trip for the boys.

C working on his sight words. He chose to make them with glitter glue this week.

Trip the the fire and ice event at the library.

Field Trip

Cook-out with the cousins and a little night time slip-n-slide.

Warming up by the fire!

B. Worked on the letter I some this week. We did not get around to everything but we will do some more next week.

Sight word color by number from the moffett girls.

We made this cute ice cream cone using handprints.

This idea came from 2 teaching mommies.

The boys LOVED making these.

Pool fun! They are also playing with their new

Cars 2 cars.

We used Crayola color bubbles to make pictures. I taped

paper to a tree and the boys blew the bubbles at the paper.

They had sooooo much fun. Yes, it was a little messy--so messy

in fact that they had to get in the pool to get the color bubbles off

of them before we could go back in the house. BUT it was

soooooooooo much fun!!

The boys are CARS crazy. We had to go see the new movie on

opening day and they both loved it.

This is just a little craft when they got

to paint Lightning McQueen.

Our week was great. We started today doing some 4th of July activities. I will post them early next week along with more reading activities for C and some more letter I work for B.

Favorite pictures from the week.

I hope everyone has a very happy and safe 4th!!!

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  1. Looks like they had a great time with the fire trucks! Stopping by from the Field Trip Friday blog hop!

  2. I love pics with kids covered in paint! They are adorable! Coming through from tot school

  3. Super fun week!!!!

    Popping in from tot school.

  4. What an ADORABLE, Fun-filled post!! I LOVE it:)