Thursday, March 31, 2011

Preschool-Tot School March 25-31

This week we have just spent a lot of time playing with all of our new birthday goodies. We have also been working on thank you notes for all our new toys. B just stamped his name with alphabet stamps and C is actually writing a little note inside each card. It is taking a while to get them done but he has been working hard on them. We have also been talking a lot about Easter and reading many Bible stories about Easter and the Resurrection. We will be doing a lot more of this in the next two weeks.

Birthday wrap up- Curious George Party

Brownies for B to share at preschool.

Goodie bags for his Little Gym Party

George Lolli-pops I made for the goodie bags Cars Party-

Party favors for C's Chuck E Cheese Party.

It looks like they are empty but they do have goodies in them.

Brownies for C's preschool class

Thank you cards-

For B's cards we put a sticker like the ones on the goodie bags on the front then he stamped his name on the inside and then I wrote the little message and he drew some little people.
C wrote thank you on the front of his cards and then wrote a little message inside. After that he signed his name and stamped some Cars on it too. C got a neat little drawing desk. He can insert a disk into the top of it and then an outline of a picture shines on his paper for him to trace and then he can color it. He has had a ton of fun with this. The pictures are all characters from Toy Story. We began talking about Easter this week and each boy made a cross to hang in the window. They are so pretty and springy looking. We will be doing mostly Easter activities for the next two weeks.
Check back over the next two weeks as we show you all of our Easter fun.

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  1. Our boys are very similar in age. I love your Curious George party stuff. How neat!