Friday, February 4, 2011

Preschool-Tot-School Week 5 Jan.29-Feb.4

This week was better than last week but we were still sick and even made a trip to the Dr. with B. Poor baby had a very bad ear infection. He felt terrible but finally got some relief with the pain numbing drops. Those things are awesome!!!

This week we did get several activities in-so here is a look at our week.

Sensory tub

The sensory tub just has some different shape noodles in it and some red pom-poms right now. The boys took out some of the noodles and made a pattern which turned into a ring for their monster trucks. They reeally had a lot of fun with this and it kept there attention for over an hour.


We read all of the Tacky the penguin books by Helen Lester. If you have not read these you need to check them out. They are so cute and my boys loved all of Tacky's funny adventures. Tacky is an odd bird but he always comes around to save the day. Great books!!!

Groundhog Cupcakes

We made groundhog cupcakes and we read several stories about groundhogs and we talked about the legand. The boys seemed to be happy that our local groundhog at the Nature Canter did see her shadow so they are hoping for an early spring.

Car puzzle and Car s Computer

C worked on his Cars Computer. His favorite game this time was the adding game. He also work on subtraction. Both boys worked together to make the large Cars puzzle.

We spent a lot of time this week playing games. We played Car dominos, Handy Manny Uno, Candy Land, Hi-Ho-Cheerrio, and Uno moo. The boys love games and they are really getting good at playing the games and taking turns.

Marble Painting Hearts

The boys really liked marble painting hearts. We ran short on time or I am sure they would have done tons more. C. kept making them and then telling me who they were for. I bet we will do this again next week.


C. spent a lot of time reading/listening to his Tag reading books from Leapster. He figured out that he could hook his Lightning McQueen headphones into and use them to listen to the stories.

Yeah! We are a little Cars- the movie crazy around here. But that is ok we can incorporate it into our learning everyday.

Next week we will be doing the letter Vv and Valentines. Lots of crafts (I hope) and other fun stuff.


  1. Love the groundhog cupcakes! so cute :-)

  2. I agree, the cupcakes are adorable. We sort of ignored Groundhog Day again this year.
    I had a revelation while reading your post. Our letter this coming week is Hh. What a perfect week to do heart activities. I think my girls will love the marble painting. I will link back to you in next week's post.
    Loving your huge selection of games and your sensory tub.
    Looking forward to seeing more great posts from you. I am now following you.

  3. Followed over from the Tot school link-up! Love the groundhog cupcakes, cute!!

  4. Have to agree with the other comments: Groundhog Cupcakes are adorable!

  5. Great activities! I love sensory bins-am just putting a valentine's one together! Will definitely be trying those marble hearts!

  6. Awww, i love the fun groundhog cupcakes! Great week!